• In the Hall of the Academic Council there will be a solemn presentation of diplomas for graduates - masters of the faculty of aviation and space systems at July 12, 2017, from 10:00 to 12:00 

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Study group VL-42m

№  Last name, first name of the student Master's dissertation Position, academic degree, academic rank, surname and initials of the supervisor of the master's thesis
1 Afanasiev Dmytro Parametric model wing of regional plane professor, Ph.D. Virchenko G.A.
2 Volynets Oleksiy Ensuring the stability and control of the aircraft at critical angles of attack docent, Ph.D. Candidate Zinchenko D.M.
3 Gavaza Oleg Methods of calculating the aircraft wing characteristics with influence aeroelasticity docent, Ph.D. Candidate  Balabanova T.V.
4 Zhdanov Dmytro Aerodynamic model of adaptive wing of the plane docent, Ph.D. Candidate Zinchenko D.M.
5 Zorenko Andriy Computer model of the airframe of the aircraft professor, Ph.D. Virchenko G.A.
6 Igolkin Dmytro Selection of parameters for electric propulsion system of unmanned aerial vehicle based on flight route professor, Ph.D. Sukhov V.V.
7 Tereshchuck Artem Modification of the theoretical circuit transport aircraft wing docent, Ph.D. Candidate Zinchenko D.M.
8 Chmykh Volodymyr Ekranoplan (WIG) with jet mechanization professor, Ph.D. Shkvar E.O.
9 Kolbakir Cem Aerodynamic design method of portable unmanned aerial vehicle docent, Ph.D. Candidate Zinchenko D.M.

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