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General Information

Department of Aircraft Control Devices and Systems (ACDS) prepares:

  • Bachelors on specialities

134 Air and space-rocket engineering – 4or 3 years

173 Avionics – 4years

  • Masters on specialisations

*** Airplanes and helicopters – 2years

*** Control systems of flight vehicles and complexes – 2 years

  • Candidates (doctors of philosophy) and doctors of sciences

Preparing of students is conducted on daytime section. Also there is a preparing of bachelors on a speciality “Air and space-rocket engineering“ with the shrunk term of training of 3 years on the basis of the “junior specialist” qualification level (after technical school). Training with the shrunk term is conducted both on daytime and under the correspondence form.

Post-graduate students and Postdoctoral students study on daytime and correspondence sections. 

Disciplines which are studied on specialities, are indicated in corresponding curricula under the reference

By results of activity in 2014-15 educational year ACDS department has taken the first places among all departments of NTUU "КPI" on scientific and international activity

The main directions of scientific researches of department

- Designing of small piloted and pilotless flight vehicles (UAV)

- Working out and research of micro- and nanosatellites;

- Adaptive and robust control systems of flight vehicles (FV);

- Integrated (inertial and satellite) navigation;

- Algorithms of geointelligence systems usage for tasks of FV control;

- Working out of navigational sensors on the basis of the newest principles;

- Automation of designing and trials of air and space engineering;

- Control systems and navigations on the basis of computer vision;

- Robotic complexes. 

In educational process of department share43 highly qualified teachers who are leading experts of air and space branches, among which are 6 professors and 17 associate professors. Department teachers of V.A.Apostoljuk and. A.V.Zbrutsky are full members «Navigation and motion control Academy». 

Educational and scientific activity of department students

On departmentthe student's design bureau of light aircraft and navigation equipment.

“Gyrotechnology, Navigation, Movement Control and Aerospace

Technic Engineering” and "Intelligence, Integration, Reability" - the international technological conferences which are conducted annually by department together with the Warsaw technological university (Poland), Hanyang university (Seoul, Korea) and the St.-Petersburg polytechnic institute.

In 2015 the faculty became the participant of program TEMPUS - NETCENG on introduction of the european program on doctoral studies in engineering (PhD). Our post-graduate students (Doctoral students) and Master students have a capability to receive PhD-degree and Master degree at leading european universities, underthe European Union programs which participant is our department.

Annually students of department share and take prize-winning places on olympiads on subject matters. 

In department are created

• laboratory of geoinformational process engineerings of company Jeppesen Boeing;

• computer class TEMPUS for designing of radio-electronic schemes, systems of an automation and 3-D simulations;

• TEMPUS laboratory for satellite building and signal stations with micro satellites.

International contacts

Our students and post-graduate students havea trainingcapabilityin the european high schools,thanks to the international programs of mobility in which the department is involved. Among them the european educational projects ERASMUS - EWENT and ERASMUS - ACTIVE. In department the program of students mobility with partner universities of Europe and China acts.

Our universities-partners:

The Warsaw University of Technology  (Poland);

Central school of Nantes (France);

University of Basques country (Spain);

Trent university (Italy);

The Czech Technical University (Czech);

The  Budapest University of Technology and Economics  (Hungary);

The Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland);

University of Southampton (Great Britain);

The Stuttgart engineering university (Germany);

The Technische Universität Berlin (Germany);

Northwest polytechnic university (China);

Dalian maritime university (China), etc. 

Also the program of the double diploma with universities of EU which gives the chance to receive the diploma, real in Ukraine and in the European Union countries acts.

Two-way agreements of faculty with Jeppesen Boeing company on which training of students and realisation of the general research works within the limits of company projects implements are actively used.

Our graduates work as researchers, engineers-designers and programmers in the field of creation and operation of modern space-rocket and aeronautical engineering in the leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, among which ANTONOV COMPANY, Research-and-production company "Kievpribor", Central design bureau of the "Arsenal" factory, STATE  KYIV DESIGN BUREAU “LUCH”, PJSC “KIEV “RADAR PLANT”, State joint-stock holding company "Artem", Boeing, Deutche Lufthansa AG, the Higher engineering school of Lyons, establishment of National academy of sciences of Ukraine, and also small enterprises which are engaged in designing and production of flight vehicles, the radio-electronic engineering and the automated systems, electronic cartography, etc. 


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